Looking for GP Nursing Jobs?
Seeking a change?
Maybe additional hours?
Or where you can manage your own workload?
Maxwell Health is committed to providing a fast, efficient and professional service.

We realise the importance of finding the right job and the pressure this process can cause you. Let us help you find your next position and make this process as stress free as possible.

Our candidates appreciate our honesty, support and commitment to finding them the best job possible, whether short term relief or something more permanent.  Many of our team have worked with us in excess of five years, and we love welcoming new nurses and receptionists to our team.

Looking For Temporary Practice Nurse Work?

Want to manage your own hours?
Need extra cash?
Want the flexibility of working when YOU want?
Enjoy variety and meeting new people?

Temporary or casual work provides a great opportunity to earn extra cash, whilst allowing you the flexibility to work around your existing commitments.

We believe that our service is suitable for almost every individual’s situation. From full-time work, to part-time, to just a couple of days per fortnight – anything is possible!


How It Works…

  • You tell us what days and hours you are available to relieve.
  • We call you with the available positions, based on the criteria you have given us.
  • You can say yes or no to any shift or job we offer, no obligations.
  • If you are available we can then confirm the time, date and address for your shift. You are then committed to work that shift or job.
  • If you aren’t available, we call you when other work comes up – no dramas!

What to do Next?

Looking For Permanent Practice Nurse Work?

In need of a change?
Stressed with looking for that perfect job?
No time to search the job pages?
Not sure what you’re looking for?

Maxwell Health will help you find a permanent Practice Nurse or GP Nurse position. We have been working in General Practice for over 15 years and we have a wealth of contacts within this sector.

We actively network with our contacts and work hard to find you that perfect position. We have a great track record – you could be receiving your new job offer in just a few weeks!

How It Works…

  • Register your interest in Practice Nursing with us and tell us exactly what you are looking for.
  • We will ask you to register with us, which includes a short interview and reference checks.
  • We help by identifying your skills, strengths and preferences.
  • We will search through our vacancies to see what suitable roles we have available.
  • If nothing is available at the time, we will actively try to find the perfect role for you.
  • We will assist with interview preparation and contract negotiation.
  • You will receive support throughout the entire selection process.
  • We follow up to check that you are happy and settled in your new position with your new employer.

With our effort and your skills, that perfect job is waiting for you!


I can only work one day per week. Is it worth me registering with you?
Yes it is! We would love to have you join our team.  Once we know your preferred day of work, we’ll work hard to place you regularly on that day.

I’ve not done relief work before, am I experienced enough to provide relief services?
Our practice nurses generally have vast experience. So long as you can be flexible, enjoy meeting new people and are happy to adapt to various situations, then you should be fine. We will never push you and we are always completely honest with you and our clients. We try to send you back to the same practice, to provide you with continuity where possible. You will be amazed at how quickly you get up-to-speed, and how quickly your confidence develops!

What if I don’t want to travel too far to work?
Not a problem! You tell us where you live and the area in which you will travel; we’ll then try to find you work that’s close to home. There is no obligation so you can always say no to any job.  We have work in a variety of locations.

What if I only want to work evenings and weekends?
That’s fine! We have a variety of shifts available and are always looking for people to do a range of hours, including weekend work.

Is there enough work available to relieve full time?
We have several full-time nurses on our team and we need more! You tell us where you live and the area in which you will travel; we’ll then try to find you work that’s matches your criteria as closely as we can.

What if a medical centre approaches me about working on permanent basis for them?
That’s great! You have an obligation under your contract to advise Maxwell Health. We then assist you in forwarding your CV and details through and help with negotiating your salary. Let us manage it for you.