Over 20 years of Workplace Flu Vaccination experience

Maxwell Health has been providing Workplace Flu Vaccinations to companies throughout New Zealand for more than 20 years.

We were one of the first providers in Auckland to become authorised to vaccinate on-site without a doctor. Our team of registered nurses are certified to vaccinate and Maxwell Health is Cold Chain Certified.  We work with you to accommodate to the needs of your business.  No matter what time of day or how big or small, we have a solution for you.

Nurse Visits

For sites with 10 or more team members interested, we can arrange a nurse appointment. We will liaise with you and your sites to find a suitable date and time. We look after many clients with rotational 24/7 shifts/rosters; anytime of the day or night, we can accommodate your requirements (a surcharge may apply depending on the time of your visit). It is a Ministry of Health requirement that you provide a Certified First Aider that is present at the time of your nurse visit. Should at the time of your visit this person not be present, your visit will need to be re-scheduled and a minimum fee will be charged or vouchers issued.   Once the appointment has been made:

  • Each staff member booked will be asked to complete a Consent Form;
  • The nurse will then visit your site and vaccinate your team at 2-3 minute intervals, approx 25 per hour;
  • They will then be asked to wait 20 minutes post vaccination, while reading over their “After Immunisation” leaflet;

For those sites with less than 10 team members; an alternative to paying the minimum fee is to issue Flu Vouchers to your team.


Our voucher system is great for those teams who are mobile, work on shifts and those that are unable to attend a scheduled nurse visit. There’s a couple of ways we can send the vouchers to you.

  • Hard copy – we courier to you or your sites;
  • Electronically – here you have a few options, for example; you send us an excel spreadsheet of those requiring a voucher and we email you back the vouchers as attachments. Or, we send you a link that you send out to each individual to order themselves.

Vouchers can be redeemed at any of our nominated Medical Centres and Pharmacies nationwide. Each individual contacts the provider that suits them best to make their appointment and takes our voucher with them as payment. There is no money exchanged and no need to reimburse staff.

Please Note: Vouchers are paid upfront, not tracked and are non-refundable once purchased, downloaded, or emailed.

What Next

  • The first step is to “Call US” or complete our Enquiry Form to get you booked.
  • When considering an appointment for a nurse visit; please ensure you provide several options as your preferred may not be available.
  • Voucher orders will be processed and ready for dispatch as soon as we know all the Medical Centres and Pharmacies have their vaccine (we’re anticipating this to be early April).

Why get your Vaccinations with us?

All of our nurses comply with the strict national standards to ensure safe delivery of our flu vaccines to you.

Maxwell Health has been providing Workplace Flu Vaccinations to companies throughout New Zealand for over 20 years.

All our vaccinators are registered nurses and authorised by the Medical Officer of Health.


If any of those vaccinated are clinically diagnosed as having the Influenza virus during the winter of 2024, we will refund the cost of the vaccine for that person (medical certificate with lab results to be provided).


Will you vaccinate children at my Workplace?

Maxwell Health do not carry out Workplace Vaccinations for children or those under the age of 18 years.  We recommend children or young adults under 18 years of age are vaccinated at their Family GP, Medical Centre or Doctor’s Surgery.

I know I qualify for free Flu Vaccinations, will you do mine free of charge?

Unfortunately Maxwell Health are not currently able to claim the subsidy from the Ministry of Health to cover the cost of Flu Vaccinations for those who qualify.  If you want to take advantage of the free Flu Vaccinations, we recommend you contact your Family GP, Medical Centre or Doctor’s Surgery to make an appointment.

I lost my flu voucher – What can I do?

Hard copy Flu Vouchers are not able to be replaced once handed out by our nurse or couriered. However, another Voucher can be purchased. Any Downloadable Vouchers that are emailed out can be resent.

How effective is the vaccine for healthy adults?

Influenza vaccination is approximately 80% effective in preventing infection with influenza A and B viruses in healthy adults under 65 years of age, when there is a good match between the vaccine and circulating influenza strains.